Tattered Dreams

Sometimes its good
To know what you want in life
To have a direction
And a purpose in living

But then again
It burns inside
And brings tears to your eyes
When that vision is threatened

When everything in you
Screams for your future
But things keep brining you down
Trying to tear you away

Make you think you can’t make it
Think you can’t ever reach what you
Thought you could become

As hard as you think it may be
That’s when you have to shut up
Wipe the tears from your eyes
Stand up and

Because you’re never going to accomplish anything
Thinking you can’t.

I’ve never met anyone else who wanted something more
Who had such desire
Where every action
Every atom in their body

Waned something like what you want.

So you will make it.
You will succeed
And you will cry.
You will fail
You will be miserable.
But you will make it

Through all of your hard work, failures, moments of weakness, being lost, hopeless…
It will all be worth it

Trust me.
Have Faith.
Love the Lord for what is to come


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