Trouble Is An Object

Trouble Is An Object, You Don't Really Want It. Pass It To The Next Man, Maybe He Will Want It.   Maybe He Will Flaunt It, Attracted To Its Danger. Or Draw Back And Cast It, In The Direction Of His Anger.   Trouble Is An Object, That Can Transform To Objectives. It Hampers You Then Lays Dormant, Disguised As Retrospectives.   It's Around Every Corner, It’s On The Other Side Of Every Wall. It’s So Easy To Get Into, It’s One Size Fits All.   Trouble Is An Object Shapeless, Formless, Inanimate At Best. You Can See It, Hear It, And Feel It When Amongst Its Test.   It's Ever So Flammable, With A Domino Effect. So Using Trouble To Solve A Trouble, Usually Makes A Bigger Mess.   But At The Same Time, Trouble Is Not Undefeated. Many Have Opposed It, And Many Easily Succeeded.   So Never Fret Never Fear, Whether Or Not Trouble Is Near. For It Is Only An Object, You Move On And Persevere.

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