R.A.O (cocaine)

I don’t know what you’re doing to me, but I like it.

I never knew what a trip like this was like.

Addiction is calling me, or is it distraction?

Such a powerful connection I never thought possible

I needed a miracle, now here you are.

You can’t fake a connection like this can you? Or is it just a heavy trip?

That smile, your eyes, the way you laugh, what a trip it is.

Now all I have to do now is just, dream.

Everything is moving in slow motion now, like I took a heavy dose.

You’ve made me a completely different person, like I said I’d never be.

I’m noticing things I’ve never focused on before, like auto focus.

What the hell are you doing to me? Either way I like it.

A new therapy I never knew I needed, but worth every hit.

Every moment in these trips are the moments I live for, thank you

All of this is because of you, it’s like I found what I was looking for.

Like my own personal brand of cocaine, you were exactly what I needed.

Now give me another hit.

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