Pay Attention ( Teacher )


Oh teacher if only you knew,

The hard times are here for me and for you.

Can’t you understand I'm sulking in sorrow!

I've had a bad past,

I'm so reluctant to pass.

The problem is I'm beaten for saying guitarro.


I'm Puerto Rican cant you tell?

Teacher don't you see this problem is making me yell,

Just realize the bully and make him quit.

He is racist and alone,

And I just can’t wait to go home.

Oh lord he’s starting again please prevent his fit.


Why aren’t you doing a thing?

Are you afraid to and making him king?

Please teacher just says a word.

It gets worse every day,

Please take this pain away.

Just speak and he will fly like a bird.


My problem is towards the teacher,

You treat us like a T.V and we are just the feature.

Just look and stop the fighting.

You’re deaf by the ear,

You can’t seem to see clear.

I'm begging for you to stop the crying.


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