The Colors of Personality


The sky's painted a contrasting shade of blues and purples

Even red sneaks in for sunrises and sunsets

Yellow brightens 

Green isn't included

Should it be?

People are contrasting shades

Some are the blues and purples of sadness and the calm before a storm

When they explode they become red, good or bad

Anger sparks yellow

Yellow always comes after a hard day

The sun is there to cheer up the survivors.

Green is left on the artist's palatte

because it represents jealously, sickness, and greed.

It's still there though,

We couldn't live without it. 

Myself, I am green.

I admit it.

But I am also the shade of yellow that is thrown against a hillside by the fireball in the sky.

I have my blue periods

just like Picasso.

But then he found red

With that I made purple, 

and I am purple because I hold the king's seat in my mind. 

The one in which decisions are made

What colors are to be shown?

It's a hard job to get

It's even harder to keep,

but that's my dream career.

I want to be the king of my emotions.

How do I train for this?

Stop projecting the shadows of others

They can be as green as they want

I'll be as purple as I can be

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