My God Is...

My God is a protector, 
He is my strength, 
and He rescues me. 
God protects me 
from evil, 
and while I may be tempted 
from my enemies, 
and from danger. 

My God is a protector, 
He is my strength, 
God is my rock, 
my sword and shield. 

God always protects me, 
He never leaves me, 
His strength is powerful, 
reassuring and necessary. 

I fear nothing 
except God 
who watches over me, 
and protects me, 
He leads me 
on the right path. 

He keeps me humble, 
and He raises me up. 

I seek the LORD 
and He grants me strength. 

God is my protector, 
He is my strength, 
my fortress, 
my rock. 

My God is a sword and shield 
He orders my steps 
so that I won't be stung 
by the Evil One. 

My God is an instructor, 
teaching me his ways, 
He is my counselor 
and leads me, 
watches over me. 

My heart takes delight 
in you my LORD, 
you give me the desires 
of my heart, 
my trust is in you.


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