You Alone


Wait for him?

More like, waste away for him.

Spend your days on him, just…


waiting for what?

The moment when his nonexistent conscious will speak up

And remind him…


of what?

All that he’s done,

Convincing you that he would never, EVER…


do what?

Fool you into believing that it was honest to God a real-life fairytale?

And then, forget about you…


for what?

A good high?

A “better” life?


So, what?

The mouth may lie but the truth will come to the surface.

He will see the joke he has become…


And then?

Return to what he once had, only to find that

you are finally living your dream.


Without him?

Yes, a journey is at hand, just

waiting to be started by you,

and you alone.



Love this poem! Truly a message about independence for women away from boys. I loved your choice to start each stanza with a short question- it makes the reader question each stanza before that and to question the line after. The italicizment of the words is also very helpful, to show the sarcastic nature of the poem. 


Its like you wrote this peom for me. I felt like you were talking directly to me the whole time and that was exactly what I needed. Thank you!

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