My Peeps



For those who despair about their body,

For those who feel the inadequacy of an intelligent mind,

For those who hold close to what they love,


For those who suffer taunts, haunts, insults, tears, fears, lies of a better anything, teases, harasses, bullies, demons, pains, hurts, pulling out hair,


For those who wish not to be there,

For those that pout,


For those that feel worthless,

For those that feel terrible but cannot complain,

For those that feel ugly, in any way at all


For those that are miserable, for any reason, spring or summer, winter or fall,


For those that hate everything, and themselves most of all,



You are my people

You are the world

My loves, my acquaintances,

Those I fear to embrace, cowardly in the face of more pain,

You (we) are all beautiful.


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