Escaping Reality


An adventure all to myself
I once again escape into my own realm
A kingdom that has been lost to all but I
A land that has been enveloped by my imagination

It is shrouded in astonishing mystery
The labyrinthine abyss that is my mind
Intricate designs line the halls of this vast palace of thought and reveries
While lights of wisdom flicker in their lampposts
Doors are painted in the majestic colors of life, knowledge, and the ever growing notion to strive for what I believe in.

The convoluted ideas I receive are applied to the stained glass windows
Giving off a kind of bravura wonder
The air inside these palace walls cling to me
Intoxicating me with their rich awareness to dream

Escaping reality 
I once again find myself in this illusive world
Where all I do is vision of the revelations that are to come
Run through my fortress’ walls like a child in yearning for her present
And unleash my Pandora’s box unto the world…
My labyrinth of aspiration


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