Break away

Trap in the black, warp in the dark.

A world bathed in gray and black, its tearing me apart.

My mind is concealed afraid to reveal. 

Inside me all, my difference is what I seal.

Creation is mad, and ingenuity is for the crazed

Hide that you dream, keep it to your thoughts

Show it not to the masses, seal it, coneals it until it rots


But I stand above the masses, and go againts the norm.

Stand tall with my thoughts, let it take its true form.

I refuse to be stifled, to late my dreams go to waste.

I will let them be known to the world, no matter the redicule I face. 

Because one thing rings true, one fact is widly known.

When one dares to make change, he will never be alone.

They fear our numbers, and what we can do.

They tried to control us because they already knew.


So raise your heads, fall not into the dark.

Let your creations run free, let them mark their mark.

Unleash your dreams, let them show the way.

Be a guide for others, let them lead them to a new day.


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