Idea of Ideas

The Idea of IdeasBy Ariel Randolph Everyone’s opinions around me connects in a way. I, for the longest time, could not label. Up until now, I knew that the peoplewho are young minded and free spirited, or just have that something about them that gives a breath of fresh airhad something in common with their counter parts. The people who contain ideas, focused upon realistic matters and important opportunities. The people who are most likely business men or someone important.  But I know now that this connection can be labeled as the idea of ideas. The people who are day dreamers,who want to stop and smell the roses are the ones others think as being good for nothing. But I believe... that they have a strong connection with nature and their world. They are in harmony. Meanwhile the others who think big and want things are farther away from this harmony, wanting more than what they are given. So I ask, what type are you? 


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