Nobody will tell you this.


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Nobody will know your story better than yourself

the days passed and souls step where were you before

maybe some care, other not but no one more than yourself

your foot prints are just are followed by nobody you met before.


I do not know but Somebody is waiting for you,

even if they do not know it yet but you are their true love

while you keep living, somebody can not easily breath because of you,

you never know the real meaing until you hear the eco of desespate love.


I do not know what is an untold poem 

but nobody can tell you want I want let you know

words are transformed into beauty by a poem

my name is not in here and I dont want let you know.


To figure it out what is the point

like a person going to point from point A to B

the beauty of poem it is up to you the point

wish were the winner A and not B.

by Michelle Puma.


Michelle puma

last verse

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