The Pain From Your Beauty


From the moment I saw you, I knew you were a heartbreaker.


The second you saw me, my eyes flooded with hope. And I became blind.

The instant you spoke to me, my ears stung with anticipation. And I became deaf.

The juncture of your skin fluttering against mine, my body was crawling with desperation. And I became numb.

The point when your lips caressed mine, they melted with compassion. And I became speechless.


But you knew. You know how to hypnotize. Your spells are beautiful...


While I was in your trance, you stuck your hand through my chest and grasped my heart tightly. I couldn't feel, but I was aware of what you were doing.

The moment your fingers slowly slipped off of it, you let it drop, crashing to the floor. And at that moment, my heart stopped beating and the tears started flowing.

Your beautiful casting words stopped dancing at my ears and forced themselves around my throat; I gasped for air.

The stopped.


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