A True Friend to Me

I faked a heart attack 
Just so that I could feel your love
One more time.
For some reason my mind 
Wouldn't align with these lines
On this paper
Until I felt safer 
When pain, hurt, and anger
Were my next door neighbors.
I became depressed,
Because I was the only writer 
that could block 
What I held dearest to me.
A true friend to me,
Oh poetry,
She could have let me drown
In my sweet and salty tears 
Mazing through my face
Oh so round 
But she found me 
burried down
In my deepest
dark despair 
And handcuffed me to a chair 
Until I fed the voice
of a woman
Who wasn't there.
Her piercing death stare 
the fear out me 
And molded a young lady
Who I promise you
I've never seen.
She raised a Queen
And painted a perfect picture 
Of all my dreams 
Each illusory detail
Made life what it seemed
To be
At least
to me
It did...
A half an hour passes...
And the words start flowing 
Like rivers rapidly tumbling 
Over riverbeds.
Once my neurons hit sent 
I felt my blood rushing 
To the tip of my fingers,
Like thousands of Justin Bieber's
number one fans
waiting To stand 
next to their favorite singer.
She made me see her
For who she really was
Created by God
And sent from the heavens 
Up above 
Her love 
to heal all mankind 
Paved the way for a genius mind
Like mine
While helping those 
Clothed in broken bones 
Rise above 
The hurt 
On the inside. 
Thin paper became 
My foundation 
And her words became 
my interstate. 
My inner state;
Was the driver;
And My #2 Pencil, 
My way of escape 
I was on the the rode to Victory
Overcoming my biggest enemy 
It's crazy how a friend to me 
Could save me 
From all this misery 

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