I am from..


I am from the midnight sunset

dreamt on by angels

From a cut in half oak tree

residing on a corner

I am from the machine made earthquake

that rocks the beds

and frightens the children

inside their heads

I am from a dance in the rain

in the middle of the road

to a walk in the park

when the sun is shown.


I am from the rush

of a thousand eyes

with no hesitation

From an argument

that has already been won

but not ended

I am from a strong point of view

that holds a voice

with a need to be noticed

and not thrown aside by choice.


I am from gut retching humor

heard by many

laughed at by a ton

understood by none

I am from giggles

sparked by pranks

and bodily gas

I am from Saturday Night Live,

and Psych

I am from, want to hear a joke?

it is kind of a funny story

and April Fools!


I am from the art of expression

through hand written

and typed word

I am from long letters

both heartfelt and meaningful

sometimes surprising

the ones that seem to be absurd

I am from tears on my key board

typing what was impossible to say

as a God wasn’t there to hear me pray


I am from lyrics

that not only changed

but saved

I am from turning off the lights

turning up the volume

and disappearing

I am from feeling understood

without being known

and being accepted

without being told.


I am from insecurities

that just won’t go away

From keeping a straight face

so no one can see the pain

I am from big arms

and a fat face

while looking at girls that don’t show a trace

I am from looking at mirrors

and beginning to cry

because I can’t stop the hate

that goes through my mind


I am from a childhood filled with harm

with words and actions

that will never leave my brain’s arms

I am from that mom everybody thought was great

because they didn’t see her yell without restraint

I am from confusion of love and hate

because nobody was there to tell me how to differentiate

I am from the non-existent blood on my hands

as she always told me it was my fault 

she was in reprimands

I am from the pain I feel everyday

because when the monster left

it took my mom away






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