The God in us


Though we have many strengths and skills

having imperfections is always real

some of us may need pills

while others don't need any thing but an appeal


We have to embrace the fact that we are made

to bulid people up and go on great escapades 

all people want to have things that we invade;

the feeling of the need to have money to buy Escalades 


But that's not why we are here 

even though that is what it may appear to be 

question your thoughts of who and where

then you may be able to adhere to me


He waits to see what we will seek 

riches, and fame all are things that are not meek.

Can you enhance your awareness on life itself

we are the Gods that is in ourself


Seeking Godlike power and Control is in our blood

govern yourself to seek knowledge about the flood 

all men want to be perfect but it comes to doom

that we must resist those feelings for he is good.




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