Magic of Music

Feel the beat of the music,

the simple, flowing harmonies.

Feel the song, the path as it cools the soul,

Feel the contrasting melodies,

So unique as they twine and flow.


The music shines,

dances and glows,

nothing can quell it,

as it mends the cracks from unfathomable days,

and uplifts all who hear it.


Music allows for expression,

For emotion and change,

Allows for sharing and understanding,

Allows those to express what cannot be said by words alone.


Like the sun, music rises to a zenith,

warming and welcoming.

The sun brings growth,

a smile, laughter, summer days.

Brings joy and life-

colors the world and brightens the day


As music soothes, the sun uplifts.

Both work together,

bringing all closer,

As the true person shines through.


Discovery and change,

The meaning to life,

And to finding ever shifting soul

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Our world
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