Steady Rate


University of North Texas
1155 Union Circle, Denton, TX 76203
United States
33° 12' 39.5424" N, 97° 8' 49.3944" W

So I lie here thinking, not doing, just thinking

Of what is to come and how my life will turn out


Such a crazy weekend of relaxation, though ironic

I lied in an area rather aquatic and of course thought


That's what I do best - constant planning in my head 

Finally, the sparks fly, and I release what's inside


Really what's been bothering me is everyone's need to fit in or is it the fact that

I analyze how others seek happiness?

I go with the flow, I think I'm a bro, and yet the problem still remains


Don't let the crowd affect what you do

Don't let the crowd change your mood

You do you, and I'll do me

The world will work itself out, and we'll both be happy


The grass always seems much greener 

But I'm eternally thankful for what I have

Living my life despite past mistakes

Let's all keep moving at a steady rate










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