United States
33° 56' 35.862" N, 118° 11' 17.9844" W

Industrial Revolution
Builds on her the loneliest right.
Liberty has occupation,
Though she's victim of Mans' old rite.

To all the artificial Tools:
It was White Man who made You;
The Flesh of his Flesh made the Fool
On the land founded for the True.

American Revolution
Creation of Natural Rights;
To women the Resolution,
Quasher of her transcendent heights.

What Freedom, Lady Liberty,
After highest Court's Injustice,
Are You born with naturally?
To be segregation's hostess?

The Civil Rights Revolution,
Commander of our Women's fights,
Will cease for the one solution:
Lady Liberty's natural rights.

Give her The Choice, her equal pay,
Purge her objectification;
It's abuse we should beat and flay
Give Lady her Revolution.


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