Dear Mama, the beauty of your soul is wonderment to my wondering self.
When I was tender, I fall from walks.
I stumbled in sickness and I cried,
but you came around and said; "my child, my child! Don't cry, don't cry!
Your loving and tender cares as you carries me in your sweet arms,
gave me strength to be strong and laugh again.

How can I forget my Mamas' love!
How can I forget the sacrifices you made to make sure that I grow strong and be happy?
How can I ever forget your presence that gave me hope when I had no hope?
You were always there for me, to cheer me up and to encourage me,
to walk when I was afraid of falling?
You are always the best Mom in the world, no matter what.

Sweet Mother, I will never forget the things you did for me.
Because when it seems like I'm hopeless,
You said the words that gave me hope.
Even though I act crazy and gave you broken hearts,
forgiveness was always you gifts for me.
There are no words to express how you raised me,
so I can express my appreciation.
There are no way I can pay you back for the pains the price you paid,
all I have to say is that I appreciate.
Dear Mama, you are loved by love in the name of love, because you name is love.

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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