The Great

The great I know is the one that tells the thieves' liesPeace and happiness you decide your own lifeBut once lives are taken for reasons of the unknown Concepts such as hatred, as to detest our natural skintoneThey say I might die tonight, I might just hit the unknown National anthems states this but White America does thatThe country that promises us a better life has split our family and wants our soulSuccess is possible if you do play your partSo I'm playing mine make sacrifices for the family I startTo reflect on the times i had thought What was supposed to be America, I seeAll races and all colors in harmony Smiles and hearts shared in the openThe scent of fear has all but disappeared The beauty of this country has truly been shownLand of the free and home of the brave come trueThe great: Yes that's what becomes of theeYour destiny as a blessed country So we have to live up to our personal standards As the greatest country that we've ever known  

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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