The One-Handed Clock

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 19:21 -- BMoney

Tick and Tock

The hands go ‘round,

But they do not count the minutes.


They count the

Footprints left behind-

T'would seem to show our limits.


But a second look

Would shine anew

Something far outstanding.


For those steps

Can lay upon

ANY ground, grass, or landing.


Some live so big,

With eyes ahead

To only suffocate in fear.


But what’s beyond

Those walls erected

Can far transcend what’s near.


So dream large,

And share with the world,

What it is that makes you fly.


And remember that those

Who came before,

Left their prints upon the sky.


For no box can hold,

A heart so bold,

Such as yours made of thunder and lightning.



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