A diamond in the Dirt ~ 12 December 2012


A diamond in the dirt,

A solo shining star,

Arround you wear a smile,

but you're distant and afar. 

Smile and they'll never know

The dim light that shines inside,

The truth they will never see

For deep down your demons hide.

It gets harder to push off the hurt,

It eats at your heart,

But smile just a little longer

Try not to fall apart. 

You search for relief,

but all you see is red.

Slow down, Breathe,

It is all in your head.

You want someone to notice

Your hurt and your dispair

How hard it seems to be 

For you to take a breath of air,

To look past what they see

And realize its all fake,

Maybe you should let it show

So another breath you take,

But when they look at you, you smile

Damaged and afar,

And realize all they'll ever see

Is a solo shining star. 




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