I wondered as I walked on


"Where am I going?"

Don't we all wonder?


I wandered and pondered the question

Wracking my brain 

In an attempt to find




Some found in seconds

Others never seen in lifetimes

Floating, undiscovered.


Where might you go to find them

In their hidings?

Smiling, grinning



I wish I knew sometimes.

But if it be so, I'd never like life.

There would be no fun or thrill

To keep the heart beating.


Most of any journey is on the way there, not

The end.

For at the end of it all,

No one is laughing.


Now, that the pondering is over,

The wandering is not, and

The Path is clearer now.

Every step you take, and

Every prayer you make.

And He'll be watching you.


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