One job


I grew up with nothing

no money, no family, no friends, no future. 

It was for those things that I believed I'd be drunk on my couch every night,

rather than going somewhere. 

I walked through my house for 17 years watching my family pile their cigarettes in a Gatorade bottle. 

I walked through my house and watched my brother and step father drink until they blacked out on the floor. 

I lived through this life thinking I had to be like that. 

I started taking pictures. 

I started to convey my feelings and emotions through these pictures. 

Most of them being graphic and depressive, but that's how I felt watching these things my whole life. 

Come to find out I was good, pretty good might I say. 

If I hadn't picked up that camera I think I'd be dead. 

Because watching your family hurt themselves so much just makes you feel like dying. 

If I could be a successful photographer and tell my story, I'd be the happiest girl alive. 

Because there is nothing like sharing the love of something, and the story behind that love; and having it impact the people that hear it. 

Its my dream, I have a dream, and I'll keep it with me until it comes true.


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