Why I Write


Why I write , you might never know. 

How it feels to have the words flow, from my mind through my soul to the paper.. 

all my secrets out to be told. 

I can never express myself out vocally , it just doesn't come out naturally. 

I like to use to expressions to explain my feelings. I like to explain everything with meaning. 

Passion spews out from these words to explain everything that I'm feeling inside. 

I may be lost, sad, and sometimes I might wanna cry. 

But let me write it down so I can explain !

I'm an emotional mess and sometimes the things I say sound insane!

But why I write , see it keeps me calm. 

So I can write down every wrong. 

Every emotion , every thought, every thing that's brought me down today.

Everything I wish I could say.

Why I write ? 

Because it's the only way that feels right. 

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