Defining My Hell


Hell is walking the road of life searching for someone to talk to
To feel stranded while surrounded by people too focused on their own trivialities to notice
It's to anticipate the end - to pray for it while being tethered to the world by calloused hands
Paranoia and fear are inherent in every day life
Complacency with salty, drenched cheeks on dark nights
And hollow smiles plastered atop it during the day
Hell is wanting to tell someone you love them
Yet realizing it is taboo and unrequited
It's to constantly pray and beg for a sign that you have some redeemable quality
While not knowing if the shards of your heart and mind are even discernible anymore
Sleep is a luxury trumped by telling yourself you can change tomorrow
Then today you succumb to cowardice when the opportunity presents itself
Hell is no longer a fear
It transcends that mentality as it flows through your veins
Each breath is a reminder of insignificance
And each step is in a direction that winds and weaves until you reach the same point
Yet you convince yourself that you've made progress
Hell is the plane in which I roam longingly


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