Chasing the Fame


United States
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Got no money, job or car
But I know I’ll make it far
I’m about my education
But I’m reaching for the stars

Everyone will know my name
The epitome of fame
I’ll be the one making a difference
While you all just stay the same

I remember the times,
The good and the bad
Wishing to get the things that I never had

So I’m stepping up now
Know what I want for my life
And if I fall outta line
I know my family’s behind

When I make it
Best believe I won’t forget my friends
They been here since the beginning
Hope they never see it end

Everybody wants to make it
But not put in the work
So they see their friends get famous
While they’re left in the dirt

They make the money and the headlines
Yeah they get all the perks

I know you don’t like what I’m saying
Cause you know the truth hurts



I wrote this a while back, but it still stands relevant today.

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