One and a half.I

One and a half.

I thought to myself...

A beautiful being I did not know I could




It was my senior year in high school.

Yes I remember well, all the




When I walked on stage to receive my diploma

My brothers, they saw me as a




It was the beginning of our life

I needed to get home to




What was I to do next?

My decisions 



Yes, I was foolish to not think of the outcomes of my decisions.

So clueless, I did not know what to do with this positive pregnancy test.

I made a turn at the wrong time, it turned into a collision.

I needed to rearrange myself, to become my very best, I was blessed.


I was never afraid of change, it is all part of life.

I wanted to be a role model for my brothers, show them it was just a segment

They needed to see their big sister try more than twice

to learn that even though I hobbled because I was pregnant


Life is beautiful and something to always congratulate and rejoice about

I expect more from myself now, for my baby girl to come into this world, new

There was no doubt

That me, one and a half, would become two


And she is my life, my daughter, for her life I try, I'm proud

I walk head up, because of her, 

I want to be the best I can be

Thank you my darling for inspiring me

To finish school and finish my career

For you I will


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