When I look into your eye’s

I see what you try to disguise

To surmise Your pain

Not in vane

We are all the same


What defines a life is how you create it

There are no excuses as to why you can’t make it

The realization

Is that there are no degrees of traumatization

We are all bound expectations

While living in civilization

In this place we call a nation

Fighting temptation

The duration brings 

But builds patience

This is an education on motivation

I cant tolerate

Minds that are week


Let me speak

You can and you will

The glass is half filled 

I’m trying to drill and instill

This is a skill 

a tool if you will

On how to build mental strength

Knowledge is free to succeed

Your mind is key

Thats all you need

You have to believe

Then what you seek and desire

Is achieved

Its not an easy feat

It’s a long road

With stop signs

On every street

What worked for me

Started in late 90

Hip hop philosophy

“All eyes on me” 

tupac -ology

Determination and strength

I copied

Mind feed 

I hobbied


I embodied

Motivated and inspiring


Enlightened me

Lessons thru story telling


I too

have a stronger weapon that never runs out of ammunition

My mind began to see

During the aftermath I learned to believe in me

“Cleaning out my closet sort of speak”

“Not wishing”

 if I had”


“Just don’t give a fuck”

“Lose myself”

And “chase my dreams”

“I’m my own role model”

Eminem builds self esteem


your reality

 is about 

Your mentality n      

So find your muse whatever you choose

Use it as a tool cause everything is 

Possible especially

For you








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