I Could Have Been Saved

You found me,

Hanging there,

The note that I left,

is in your hands,

And as you read,

You start to remember all the signs,

And you start to realize that,

I could have been saved,

But now its too late,

Because this rope has been wrapped around my neck,

For several hours now,

I watch you as you fall down to the floor,


You reach up and you squeeze my hand, 

Half of you hoping you'll feel a pulse,

And the other half of you just wants to feel my touch one last time,

Before I'm brought back to the earth,

I could have been saved,

All the signs were there,

But then again its not like you cared,

And now I'm just a statisic,

I'm labeled "Suicide Victim",

A Victim,

Because of what this world is,


And ever will be,

Is a trap,

A trap, 

We are ALL trapped.


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