I AM beautiful


Screw them.

Screw them and their conformity

I am beautiful

I am beautiful despite the bump on my nose

I am beautiful despite the acne on my temple

I am beautiful despite the fact that I don't have the ideal body

I am beautiful despite the fact that I lack a gap between my thighs... whatever that means

They think I don't see my flaws and that they NEED to point them out,

As if I look in the mirror and disregard them

But I do not ignore them,

I accept them because they are me,

I accept them because they don't matter

They don't determine my character

I am beautiful because I am ME.

I am not what society wishes of me,

I am unique

And UNIQUE begins with YOU

Well, you, if you were unique

If they were unique they wouldn't care what clothes they wore

or how good their "OH MY GOD" hair looks

they wouldn't care the way their nose looks

or that one little zit right there on their oh, yes their chin

They could embrace these "flaws"

and see that they are not in fact flaws

they are challenges to test them

To test them and see if they can stand to be looked at and judged

But who really has the right to judge? 


I mean come on now

We all have that one thing we wish we could change,

that one thing everyone always chooses to point out,

to try and make you uncomfortable, no,

to try and make themselves feel better about that cluster of zits they hide beneath bangs

To make themselves feel better because they know you are a better person then them

Because they are so narrow minded that they see beauty as a physical appearance

Because they see beauty as something fake,

Because they see beauty as something OTHERS want it to be

They can't see that beauty is more than what the eye sees

it is what is inside you.

It is not those perfectly even bangs

those sparkling white teeth

it is not any of that,


It is whether or not you choose to be the person who feeds on the hurt of others

on bringing them down,

as if they can't see,

as if they don't already feel ashamed enough of it

Beauty is defined by the people who chose to be kind

who chose to be them selves,

who chose to accept others for their abilty to be different

true beauty is defined by DIFFERENT

Beauty is accepting who YOU are

and saying SCREW YOU to anyone who tried to tell you you are not beautiful

because you are beautiful

Beautiful in your own way

in a way that doesn't matter what they think of you

Because perfect is not reachable to anyone but yourself

Perfect is defined by someone elses standards that, lets be realistic

are COMPLETELY unreachable

I am beautiful in a way that I love myself for all my little "things"

I am beautiful because I don't sit and ponder what would make people LIKE me

because if they don't like me for me and ask me to change

I will say as politely as possible "SCREW YOU I AM BEAUTIFUL"

If they ask me to lose weight,

I will go and eat a BigMac right in front of them

and laugh when they look on with disgust,

because I don't give a damn what they think of me 

and you know what, neither does my BigMac

If they try and tell me "Ali, you laugh to loud"

I will laugh a little louder just to irk them

because who are THEY to tell ME that I laugh too loud?

Laughter is self expression,

and I will not express myself in any way other than who I call myself

I will not express myself as who they ask me to be,

because I am beautiful, 

I am unique

I am me

I am happy,

and they will not change me.


Poetry Slam: 



My favorite part of this poem is the hope I put into it, the hope that someone out there who is sturggling with self image will read it, and see that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks of them. I really just hope people will stop being so stuck in what society sees of them, being someone who was bullied through out middle school, I know what it feels like to want to change yourself and to fit in with the "cool" kids, but changing yourself is never worth it, or the answer. It took me years to figure out but as  junior in high school, I know that life is far too short to fret about the way I look, or the way I laugh.


This made my day :) 


:) I am glad!

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