Emo Poems


Oh no
Another emo kid writing one of their emo kid poems
Saying how 
I hate myself
or no one loves me
Well guess what?
No one fucking is born with these thoughts programmed into their head
Maybe the reason we cry when we're born is because somewhere, somehow, we know about the pain that comes with a life
Maybe if people weren't so fucking ignorant to the fact that other people have feelings
Then there wouldn't be any 'emo poems'
Maybe if we stopped teaching kids that we have to "Suck it up" and started teaching them not to bully there wouldn't be any 'emo poems'
Maybe if there were classes for parents to take on how to raise a fucking kid, there wouldn't be any 'emo poems' 
MAYBE if we stopped sprawling womens bodies out on every billboard and started teaching men to appreciate women, there wouldn't be any 'emo poems' 
Maybe, if people learned to respect and accept others, there wouldn't be any 'emo poems'


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