Change My Own Threads


Sometimes, when you read something

Even just a simple line or phrase

You may find

That this small string

Of carefully and specifically constructed


Describes a phenomenon

You have spent days, months

Or even years

Trying to explain for yourself



Then you may find that phrase

Echoing in your thoughts

Bouncing around in your brain

Inspiring you, confusing you,

Comforting you, even frightening you          

All at the same time.

Eventually, you discover

That this small string of letters

Has woven itself into your own set

Of carefully and specifically constructed



Ultimately, it changes who you are.


This is why I write.


I owe the world

for all the small strings of letters

That have changed

my composition.


I owe all the people

Who do not believe

Poetry and prose

Can fundamentally change anything.


But most importantly,


I owe myself the opportunity

To take the different thoughts and words

That swim in the cracks of my mind

And use them to change my own threads.


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