Dear atoms,

Connection and explosion is the name of your game
Is that not the same of those you occupy?
Molecule after molecule of sweet highs
But it never can be enough.

Structure after structure
The building blocks of life spiral into an intermolecular code
One in which the universe itself uses to program the life yet to be
To program so-called fate and destiny

Status, disease, death
What is engraved in existence is so often
Defined, ignored, mourned
Though it is not the code itself that determines the label thrust upon it

Far too often the beginnings of life become distorted
Misinterpreted through a lens of superiority and anger
Yellow, red, green, and blue
They never asked to be that way

Religion is not manifested from adenine
Race is not divided by thymine
Status is not defined guanine
War is not started cytosine

99.5% is exactly the same
.5% is what makes an individual
The labels that are beloved and abused are not genetic
They are 100% human.

Twisting and curling
the double-helix climbs
Hundreds of thousands come together
Until X marks the spot

23 pairs of judges on the cruel grand counsel of existence
Determining what becomes part of the organism being built
The dominant ones making the final call
But for some, this system isn't really fair, is it?

Far too often the same fate happens to the living
Judges judge based on the melanin coded into ones skin, making things unfair
Soldiers are sent to war not to fight for their kind, but against them
And those who claim to be the answer were actually the problem all along

A twisted fate concocted by a twisted ladder
Once the code has been programmed
The umbilical cord severed
Is it not up to the being you occupy to determine how they want to live?

Oh atoms,
Why must it be this way?
Why must the artificial mutations be perceived as “natural selection”?
Is it not the fault of those you have built?

I forgive you
We all have trial and error
And many things are out of our control
And it is not you alone who has made the final call

A single atom is nothing but a stain
A spark
But many together make a force
A bolt of lightning

Why can we not look inward?
To our very core?
Beyond the cells and the chromosomes and the molecules
The ones bonded with their own kind?

An atom is a start
The start of a movement
The start of a change
The start of something that can change the being as a whole

A change to the world
A mutation for good
A code not determined by those before us
Can we not learn from a speck within ourselves?

Unable to be divided
Together you stand as one
Curling onwards
Creating an infinity of possibility

Thank you for the life lessons

Yours, truly.

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