Tracing Path


When you walk upon this Earth...every seed, grain of dirt, leaf, flower, weed, patch of grass, dot of sand, piece of ice, snow, rock, mud; all that you step upon is now part of your trace. Tracing your pathway over a broken and beyond touched world. Your path overlaps many other traces, which in turn begins to shape and mold you as you drag your weary and old-timed soul along this figment of life. Discover in yourself, perhaps, being insightful in your inner depts. Shall you be the tides controlled by the dark side of the moon? Or the planets orbiting the light of the intense glowing ball of sun that provides so called life? For thy, I choose to rebirth a new creation of all in its own light.

For thy soul chooses its own course of destiny to take. One must not look to others to becomea a pulsating tide forced to be pulled and awakened to flow and and sigh against the sunken majesty of waves. Also, dare I say, not to be a fragile whim to gravity. When adventure and desire become allies in the corner stone of your beating mechanism of life, why not take the path less traced upon? Uncover an original trace to be left in your remembrance and legacy. For legacy is not just born, it is swirled into a world wind of a life-time of creation. 

Once again, trace unravels the motivation thy human nature produces that you must endure. No matter the on-going battle, your trace is left behind, lain all across the history closed field of blood and agony that you once experienced. Mentality is changed and you develop as the new eye opening of dawn brings you the beggining of another day. Drop and listen to the comforting thud and crunch of your foot step imprinting the next link in your tracing path. 

Find relief in the advancing war that is impending. Thy soul is aching with anticipation to become a new and be washed over with a fierce flame that only the majesty of the ocean and changing can bring about the unwilling healing that must be called to be present. For until you begin to make a greater change in yourself, you must come to realize and disturb the sleeping giant within, the trace you must pursue in order to be free and destined into the righteousness in your very decisions.

As this life you so-call inhabit, imagine it more than ever before. Be more. Become more than narrow-minded dreams. Your tracing path is calling. It continues to grow and reveal its bearing life inside of your own heart, that you have yet to master. Be free and proud of this trace you choose; but remember, others will happen upon it. Make of it what you so please. Leave about the legacy of the most briliant that is unleashing a unique path originally from you. Born an original, do not die a copy. Be the first and promising step for others after you Go forth, your tracing is waiting and ready to embrace you into a world of the adventure of the unknown and unseen. 

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