World Series


It is the championship game

and more than what the stadium could contain came

with glorifying support

oh how baseball is a lovely sport;

The harmonious chords rang

as the National Anthem was sang

the game was about to begin

and the two despising teams would be at battle again;

Strength versus Cancer

even to this day no one can find the answer;

Since Cancer was the visitors they had the hitting advantage

but it defntely wasn't anything Strength couldn't manage

Cancer would hit singles and doubles

but Strength hit triples without any troubles;

Team Strength took the lead

and all that meant was team Cancer would proceed the game with nothing but bad deeds

tripping in the base path and intentional HBPs left Strength with nothing else but to plead;

Cancer worked it's mysterious magic

to force the game to end in tragic

Strength's score was outrun by a Cancer walk off homerun

the defeat left strength's body withered and spirit with none;

Strength tried to fight

but Cancer stayed persisent with smite;

Once Cancer took the lead, the Game was done.



Well this is embarrassing...



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