The White Dress

When I began my journey, I wore a dress of white.

It dazzled and became me well,

It sparkled in the sunlight.


But one day, I was careless, and I didn’t watch my steps,

Before I knew it, black flecks of mud,

Now speckled my white dress.


No matter how I tried, my dress would not come clean,

So I shrugged and said “Oh well,

I guess perfection’s not for me.”


I kept right on my journey, but it seemed with every day,

My once white dress got dirtier,

And the stains just would not go away.


Though I would not admit it, I missed the dazzling white.

Then, one day, a stranger joined my path,

And asked if I was alright.


I showed him the stains on my dress, and he said “Oh, that’s alright.

“I’ll help you forget the flecks,

If I may journey with you a night.”


And so I consented, I thought my dress would shine again.

But in the morning, he was gone,

And my dress now bore a large black stain.


On and on I traveled, begging anyone for help,

But everyone left more black stains,

And all the more guilt I felt.


Finally the day came when no white place could be found,

And though I tried to walk, I couldn’t,

I just kept falling to the ground.


As I lay there sobbing on my knees, I heard a kind voice say,

“Dear one, would you trust me enough

“To let me take the stains away?”


“It can’t be fixed,” I cried, I could not look up at the man.

“Besides, you never say the dress,

“When it was white-you don’t understand.”


He replied, “Darling I’m the one who gave that dress to you,

“And look, here is another one,

“Just your size, and white, and new.”


Finally I raised my eyes, and it was as he said.

I reached out but he pulled back, saying,

“First, a price needs to be paid.”


I said, “I’ll give you everything,” I knew now what most men want.

He shook his head, pulled up a sleeve,

And said “Love, the fee’s already paid.



“Just promise to stay close to me, and go wherever I go.”

I promised, and he smiled and said,

“That’s all I need to know.”


Now my journey is a glad one, and I’m wearing white again,

And I’ll always be indebted,

To my white dress making Friend.


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