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Hope deferred makes the heartsick

Toxins of hurt and shame permeating

Leaving fuels of carnal residue

Where pride flicks its presence and magnifies it all


Pushing us over boundaries down Sin’s hole

No wonder they say that Pride comes before a fall


Brokenness is existence; there is a need for it to be fixed

But silence cuts off divine flow

Administering repetitions of mocking pain

While piercing comfort and patronize lies

Sedate your soul

 Distorting divine vision in your eyes


So high… wave greetings to pseudo satisfactions

As reality is locked behind tinted glasses of denial

Fortressed behind blinding fantasies

But conviction shatters it quickly

Standing there motionless before God like a witness on Trial


Plea mercy to the Judge and angelic jury

Face reality that is caused by internal fury

That assistance is needed from a spiritual venue

To obtain help from Patience, who instills her caring virtue


Focused she is ready to go

Calvary shots that remind me of my reality

That His blood allows us to be free

Withdraw painfully from hardened woes…

And stand Snow White clean


A message for all, to thy own self be true

Will patience be non-existence or display divine virtue

That lies within you?


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very descriptive

very emphatic-great poem all around

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