This Is Only A Shadow of Greatness

I’ve heard the times are bound to bring forth change
That our endings defeat mending to achieve great gains
And the newest always wins every race
Even when there’s nothing worthy left to chase
I heard what’s made from gold dust always gleams
But I've run into a song that's largely left unseen,
And I hear that it's not on most screens
But the truths it sings are not easily gleaned
I've heard “I'll Find a Way” played down these halls
Time and time again sung to my heart
And yet each year it becomes less “merely art”
And more a mirror to reflect who we are
Though this poem may mimic its original cadence
It could never make a better repertoire
I'd tell the world about this, shining like a star
It's the anthem of the scars on humanity's heart
So you're feeling rather brave,
Not afraid to start, staring past the glades
Just go and take those seven minutes
Played through to hear Zack Hemsey’s profound work that’s worthy of its praise.

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Our world
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