The Irony Of Change


I wish I was the person I was,
I wish I was the person I was.
Wait a minute,
The person I was, is the person I am.
Forever changed by events called life.
The person I was is hard to find,
Clouded by memories of a life lost,
Sifting through dreams I once understood,
Behind closed doors I locked in my head.
He is waiting to be reunited with the person I am.
Under feelings I thought I buried,
Running through the veins I've pierced,
Blocked by emotions impossible to hide,
Between the heart and soul that once died.
The person I was is better than,
The person I am today.
One day the person I was,
Will find his way back to the person I am.
Longing for that day to come,
I will be here waiting for you.

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