Do you see me?
Do you see the jaded light in fancy as it runs to my lens. 
Or my blackness, that was, and is evermore my vice 
Or the insipid jeans that I wear, covering the timeline of  scars and  lurid wounds. 
Stand so you can see clearly.
Can you see the brokenness 
That this the image of glass is you.
Sit down for a minute. 
Why strain your eyes to see the intangible for you are blind. 
No Not blinded by the sun and its compassion for the lost. 
By vanity, ostentation and pugnacity.
Blinded by your ignorance. 
Close your eyes. 
Now, do you see the walls in rubble, 
Everything in collapse, your government in his vain suit, your sons going to war to fight against the "knave", 
Yes, that your government pushes you to send your sons to war,
But where are their sons, do they not reproduce, are they barren. 
No you are blind so you fail to realize that they don't want their sons to die so they should not feel the dreadfully, lethargic feeling of losing something of grand potential. 
The jar of a son, where you would put all your knowledge and love and care into. 
Where your legacy is.
Why let me stop, you in your blindness of ignorance would say, " he is a hero to serve a country with a name"
But what is more important gaining recognition and status or having your son next to you like the juxtaposition of effusive words. 
But why be blind only. 
These are a people of night, wearing our envy, disdain, contempt on our faces but hiding our compassion, symphaty, sentiments, in our inner and innermost,
Human! But inhumane. 
Is it your fault that you are blind?
Is it your fault that you are divided?
Is it your fault that your heart is lazy?
Who is it to blame?
Who is it to blame?


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