Who I Can't Live Without

Someone I can’t live without

Lives close to my heart, close to my mind, close to me.

She is my mother.

The woman who brought me into this world of ours.

An inspiration in her silence

A role model in her actions, her words.

She is my best friend

Knows all the right jokes to make me laugh,

knows all the right ways to catch my eye,

knows how to make me really think about my life.

And she knows how to reach me at my worst...

and my best.

Someone I can’t live without

Is my mom.

Inside jokes and days spent working,

grocery shopping and family ranting

I never thought we would be so close.

The bond deepens with age

And we’re both getting older.

She worries about me

Leaving the nest.

I worry about

Leaving the nest.

But we’re mother and daughter

Unshakeable, unbreakable bond.

She is someone I can not live without.

She is my mother.

This poem is about: 
My family


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