To the Star Child

Sat, 02/01/2020 - 16:51 -- emory

Have you ever taken a moment

To look at that bright planet

Hanging in the night sky that they

Tell you was once a place

We called home?


It's not anymore, of course

Just another rocky, uninhabited

Planet of decay and ruins you

Might explore when you

Grow up


Maybe your home looks much

The same as the one I knew

But there are some things

I'll have seen that you won't

Find waiting in the cosmos you love


Oceans, full of life and longing

And sunken ships, a mass

Grave for those who lost

Their way exploring its

Waiting depths


Our constellations that

Told our history and

Dreams, if you connected

Them in just the right way

Coloring the black sky


The monuments that our

Ancestors left us, as if

To impress us with their

Towering pyramids and

Hopeful art portraying everything


But maybe there's one thing

I'll always have that you'll

Never understand, like

How the stars were always

Just out of reach

This poem is about: 
Our world



That's a wonderful poem about you telling the star child about her ruined planet.

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