I Love You, Virtual Self


GoPro cameras and Selfie Sticks, our ancestors would be horrified.

But it doesn’t matter because fabricated images, and fraudulent stories are glorified.

What’s wrong with putting your best self out there?

The one that has been modified while everyone remains unaware.

Self-image is destroyed and in futile attempt to fix it,

We starve ourselves until our size 1 skinny jeans fit.

To top it off, we take a picture to show that we did it,

Hoping to gain approval, founding self-worth on a like button.

We continue begging for virtual attention in fears that we will be forgotten

But social media is ruthless

As boys prefer girls who are blonde and clueless

And girls prefer boys who insensitive and immature

Gone are the relationships that are long and secure

Now comes the age of 15 year old mothers,

Who say they did it because they were “lovers.”

But all this because of the virtual lives we lead?

Now it is through the number of followers that we succeed.

I quit Facebook and dumped Instagram.

I told Twitter to scram.

To be honest, the fake lives of another,

Saddened me of my real one.

Gone is that childhood magical wonder.

Instead I find myself putting makeup on, completely overdone

Just to end up editing it away in a selfie.

If only your real life was the same as your virtual,

Think about how beautiful you would be

And fake and miserable and body modifyingly surgical.

Is it worth it?

I mean, my only friends are @suckit1996 and @imsexyanduknowit

What would I do without their constant snapshats

This generation is full of smartphone addicted brats

Never on your death bed will you wish you would have played more words with friends

Or candy crush or angry birds.

At the time when your life ends, regret will surround your words.

The family member whose birthday you could only remember because Facebook reminded you

The parent or child you never said sorry to.

The friend you neglected.

The fellow human you should have respected.

Do you want that regret?

The heavy burden of that lonely silhouette,

The life you could have had,

Instead you are dark while everything worth something is bright

But now it is time to set things right,

Kiss your love on the cheek

Look her in the eyes and show her you are sorry

Tell her you were wrong and that you were weak

Take your friend on world adventures like climbing Mount Everest or going on a safari.

Learn to love the art of doing

Learn to love this new life that you are pursuing


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