Not Just Fictional

Walking into another dimension

A world where I'm not who I should be

Not myself but filling in someone else's shoes

A place where words jump at me

And help me see in a new light

Not my home but somewhere you believe you belong

But also a place where I'm swayed to not be myself

Someone who I want to be

A story is illustrated in your mind

And you can't explain what you see

For others may see it in another way

That's why we don't explain it, we become it

I see strength in fantasy

Freedom in romance

World changers in historical fiction

They inspire me to be better, to try harder

But it's not only what's within

I want to be strong like the binding

Articulate like the words

Spiritually beautiful like the covers

And flexible like the pages

There are words and people who I want to become and believe in

They may just be a figment of my imagination

But they live inside me

They may not be real

Maybe just fictional

But I am flesh and bone

And they are within me


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