Dear Future

Tue, 02/13/2018 - 02:13 -- aousley

Dear Future,


You scare me like the bottomlessness of the sea

But you excite me like the sunshine when is gently touches my face

You show signs of a great jounrey with wild and captivating advneture 

But also seasons of peace that resemble the stillness of the night.

There is so much you have to teach me in life, libery, and happiness

But only your time can heal my past of strife, penalty, and brokeness

You hold breath taking beauty and lion like boldness

But also life changing danger and head turning ugliness.

I can’t wait to meet you and every things you hold

But I’ll take my time getting to you living in every moment

You will use up all my overwhelming passion

But bring me newer, better ones along the way

Your bright and ceilingless sky is my limit

But I’ll plant my longing roots in your ground.

You will be full of highs that will take me so high I could almost reach heaven

But also full of lows that will take so deep I could nearly touch hell

You hold many mind blowing accomplishments

And even more mind numbing failures.

But I know it all holds my God

So everything will always be okay

And you will eventually be a story, more a legacy

That already has a beginning and will eventually gain and end

So give me everything you’ve got future, no more than that

Because you alone fuel my fire and I will never let it die


Yours Truely,



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