I’ve crystallized you before
Again, and again, and again
But time has shattered this flaming crystal
Again, and again, and again
5 You mock me with your diamond glow
You are worthless as diamond dust
Nothing but a useless snapshot of consciousness
I want you back
I need you back
10 Please come home, if only for the time being
I sit and wait
I breathe and wait
I wait and wait
Hour after hour… nothing
15 This is my 15th line, but still… nothing
You’ve gifted me with a symphony of the mind
But where are you now?
Pandora, open your box
I will gather the unleashed evils and send them back
20 But let me have Elpis, my spirit of hope, you, my spark of art
I’m not finished with you
I need you to help me uncover inspiration
Dance for me, hope
So I can crystallize you, this time in literature
25 With my ASDF, my circuits, my fingertips
I’m done waiting

In my apostrophe, Elpis, I am longing for my hope of being inspired; I can’t write this apostrophe because I’ve become hopeless in becoming inspired.
So ironically enough, I’ve crafted an apostrophe-type poem that expresses my attitude on not being able to write an apostrophe.


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