Inspire me

Tue, 11/19/2013 - 20:13 -- ay55ac



I imagine that Robin Williams is my teacher.

He calls us up from the desks that have confined us in strict learning patterns,

and we abandon convention.

We carpe the shit out of every diem.

Like a renaissance parade, we make discoveries

by lifting that broken record of

Memorizing the definition

            Memorizing the definition

        Memorizing the de….


But the reality of life for students that cry out for mental stimulation

is a system that entertains the dance of the lemons;

the kind that don’t make lemonade,

the kind that curdle the cream of the crop,

the kind so acidic every child in school sucks the backs of their teeth

trying to get the taste out.

Tenure was a kind suggestion,

but thinking that a teacher

is a teacher

is a teacher

is practicing a song

the wrong way over and over,

will someone please break this bad habit.

That record is so overplayed

the children in the cafeteria dismiss it as background music.

My wish is that every teacher is a watering can

to every class of students

waiting to let their perspectives blossom.

I am tired

Of the core curriculum

And bare minimum

Offered to these kids

Because I know what good teachers are

They’re the ones that teach you to love learning

They get inside your head

And rouse questions

I want to be inspired by you.

The reason why we need you in our lives

At all,

Is this.


Inspire me.


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