Being a Poet

Tue, 07/05/2016 - 14:43 -- ERFrie

I’m not much of a poet

But then other times I think

Maybe I am if

Only in some ways


In a rush or a trickle

When I least expect them to

Words have a way of

Flying from my hands


Other times the words

Are sorely silent

No matter how I tempt them

They are stubborn and distant


From where do they come?

From far lands unknown

Or songs unsung or in the

Strange recesses of my heart


Sometimes it may not be I

Who speaks, but another soul

Who desperately

Needs a voice to speak


Or the world needs expression

From a tongue it doesn’t have

Or maybe God has

A message to give


Words, voices, inspirations

And the ghosts that haunt my mind

Their presence and their absence

That is what makes a poet:


We listen.

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